About US

Born from a skincare enthusiast's zeal to uncover the hidden knowledge of beauty science that couldn't be found on labels, one who journeyed across the world to discover safe and effective care that wouldn't harm the skin in any way. Skyntox is a new-age innovative skin-wellness brand that aspires to offer a unique beauty experience via clean and effective skincare products.

At our core, we believe that the skin holds a deeper essence, a soul that reflects inner beauty, and like a living canvas, tells the stories of our experiences, emotions and journeys we’ve embarked upon. Skincare for us goes beyond surface-level care, but embodies the essence of a ritual: of offering nourishment and love, of forging a deeper connection with yourself, that is pure and safe. That’s why, we aim to offer regeneration skincare to repair and detoxify your skin.

Behind every product we craft, is the desire to honour the skin’s soul with nourishing care that is miles away from any toxicity. This philosophy is illustrated in our logo in the shape of a bird – Blue Jay, the heavenly being, a harbinger of love and nourishing care, symbolising grace, beauty, love, and trust.

As a conscious skincare brand, we source top quality, effective ingredients from around the world that Detoxify your skin, unlike any other skincare product in the market. With a deep consciousness of the chemistry behind good clean skincare a utilising the latest technologies that fuel our transformative skincare research, we create formulas that have a proud presence of well-researched, rare ingredients sourced from all over the world. We strive to use beauty’s best-kept secrets unknown to the consumer world. The goal is to promote healthy skin, clean skin that you can adore as much as we do. And that’s how we bring the care back to skincare!

Indulge in your unique beauty with a better-for-you skincare experience with Skyntox!